Official Program 39th TRANSCAVALLO

Saturday, February 19

Race office based in Tambre - Alpago

9 am - 7 pm - athletes registration both for the “long distance team 7.0” and the “light individual”
7.15 pm - briefing at Tambre church
8 pm - dinner at hotels

Sunday, February 20

Race start and arrival in Col Indes - Tambre

6.30 - 7.15 am meeting point at Col Indes in Tambre
7.30 am starts 39th Transcavallo “long distance team 7.0” mass start
7.00 - 8.00 am possible accreditation for athletes in the "light individual" competition
8.15 am starts “light individual” race mass-start
10.00 am Arrival first teams of individual race and flower ceremony
10.30 am Arrival first teams of team race and flower ceremony
12.00 am lunch for trackers and athletes
14.00 am Awards for “light individual” race
15.00 am maximum finishing time of the athletes of the "long distance team 7.0"
16.00 am Awards for “long distance team 7.0”
17.00 pm Cosing party with DJ set & buffet