Registration "Light Individual" 2022

On a cost of €80,00, closing at the achievement of the maximum number of 100 members allowed.
If you would like to stay overnight or get the half-board, please contact the CO directly: +39 350 193 2852
Pre-registrations must be done via the Internet at our site: - payment by bank transfer:
Transcavallo Committee - BANCA PREALPI - Agenzia Belluno - Iban: IT 74 N 08904 11900 011000004295 - BIC : CCRTIT2TPRE - please indicate the name and surname of the paying athlete.

d) Various
The registration fee includes:
- participation to the race on Saturday 19th February, technical and medical assistance in addition to the refreshments at the end of race and awards in technical material.
- a lunch on Saturday 19, after the race
- personalized gadget of the event TI
- bib numbers